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Nothing more valuable than a fertile soil

Your Farmland Investment = Your reliable and safe long term future

Why Investing in Managed Almond and Walnut Farmlands

High Annual Returns

Earn 15.5% average for the 1st Ten years

Up to 28.6% Annual Income After the year 10th

Guaranteed Management

All our Agricultural Lands come with 60 Year Guaranteed Management with one of the biggest farmland management brand of Konsept Tarim in Turkey and Agro Concepto in spain

Turkish Citizenship

Our Investors can earn Turkish Citizenship when investing in Walnut Farmlands in Turkey with a minimum of 500,000 $

The World is Changing

Almond and Walnut are priceless dry fruit commodities whose demand in the international market is increasing daily

Flexible Payment Plan

Investors can pay in installments over 24 months after paying 30% Down payment

Secondary Income Generation

We provide secondary income opportunities on the same land such as Livestock, free range egg production, olive oil and Bee farming

Managed Almond Farmlands in Spain

Our managed almond farmlands in Spain are freehold agricultural real estate assets and they can provide visibly higher returns than traditional real estate assets such as residential and commercial real estate and help food security of our future.

  • 15.5% average for the 1st 10 years
  • 28.6% annual income after the year 10th
  • 45 Years Management Guarantee
  • Prices start from 10,75 Euro per sqm
  • Buy Directly from the developers
  • Flexible Payment plans divided over 24 months

Managed Almond and Walnut Farmlands in Turkey

Start earning over 20% returns on investments with our managed almond and walnut farmlands in Turkey. Our Golden Chandler walnut farmland investments provide the highest possible income in the market. In real estate, you can achieve an average of 5.5 % rental income in the residential property and a maximum of 8% in the commercial investment properties. In our Golden Chandler walnut farmland projects, you can achieve over 20 % ROI by owning the freehold of the property.

  • 15.5% average for the 1st 10 years
  • 28.6% annual income after the year 10th
  • 45 Years Management Guarantee
  • Buy Directly from the developers
  • Prices from 9.75 USD per sm2 including 600 trees per hectare
  • High plantation method with six times more trees than traditional method
  • Flexible Payment plan divided over 24 months

Our Secondary Income Generation Portfolio

Secondary income opportunities on the same land such as livestock, free-range eggs production and bee farming.

Our Lands in Turkey and Spain

Our Agricultural Lands include digital water irrigation system, water drilling (your water is guaranteed with a unique structure)electricity grid connection or solar panel, security fences, storage , house and full infrastructure.

Stone Houses

Our Investors can build stone houses on their Lands

Our Asset Holding companies represented by API Group provide 100% Freehold managed farmlands with certified title deeds.

All our farmlands come with a 60-year farm management guarantee with one of the largest and most reputable farmland management brand of KONSEPT TARIM  in Turkey and AgroConcepto in Spain.